Matt Riddle’s ex-girlfriend says “rehab is not gonna f*cking help him” and WWE needs to “fire his ass”

As previously noted, Matt Riddle was allegedly written off WWE television due to a failed drug test and that’s why an injury angle took place during the December 5th 2022 edition of WWE RAW.

Riddle’s ex-girlfriend Daniella Petrow, who previously spoke out against him earlier in 2022, published a series of videos about the situation. Petrow brought up adult actress Jordan Maxx’s comments about Riddle while saying the following…

“You know, it’s Tuesday. I think it’s like December 20th. I am doing this video because, one, I want the women to hear it out of my own mouth. I am sorry for attacking you on Twitter. I am sorry for lashing out because you guys didn’t want to listen to me. I am sorry that this could have been prevented if he would have just been stopped. Probably back in, like, the Candy Cartwright days when she sued him for sexual abuse. You would think someone would learn not to hurt women or abuse women. I’m talking about Matt Riddle. Talking about you, bro. You. I told you, you may have hurt me, but I’m not going to stop until you’re stopped. And right now, I think the newest victim is Misha Montana, which she’s in that like, ‘Imma stand by my man’ phase solely. I respect girl. I respect it. But you’ll find out, and it’s sad, you’re going to find out the hard way. Jordan Maxx found out the hard way. Ivy Malibu found out the hard way. I found out the hard way. We all do. We really do.

Finding out the hard way that you have been conned into loving a man who uses your love to then take advantage of you, to then manipulate you, to sexually abuse you, to torment you. And he has a pedestal of fame, and he has has the support of people who idolize him. But why would you idolize the devil? Why will anyone listen to me? I didn’t sue him. I didn’t go for money. And no disrespect to Candy Cartwright for doing it but I literally was just trying to stop him. And you all said I was doing this for clout. This man abused me sexually, and you didn’t want to listen. And now you have videos that, like, Ivy Malibu is putting out, and she’s still in that I want to protect him phase because she’s not saying his name, but she’s talking about Matthew Riddle, and y’all still don’t want to believe it. Even Jordan’s in that protecting phase because she’s still under the impression that she was only mentally and emotionally abused, and you guys are using her work against her.

I’m gonna say it, and I’m gonna say it very arrogantly. I told y’all. I told you all about him. I told WWE. And what are they doing? Sending him to rehab? Rehab’s not gonna fucking help him. He still has this fucking job. He’s still gonna fucking do what he’s doing. That man has so many fucked up mental fucking issues and he takes it out on us. Fucking innocent women. Have you all noticed we all look alike? Blonde hair, long, high cheekbones, big lips, pronounced jawline. That’s a predator. And he has a type. He preys on us. Now, granted, there have been other casualties, too, along his traveling ways. There was a girl in Canada. There’s been a lot of others, which I’m not going to speak about because that’s not my place. But come on, people, wake the fuck up. WWE, you need to fire his ass. And 30 days in rehab is not enough time to fix what’s fucking wrong with this man. Charges might, but it’s not here nor there. How do you prove sexual abuse?

The one thing Matt Riddle has never, ever, ever, ever, ever done is been held accountable, ever. Oh, I’m doing drugs cuz of my divorce. Okay. So. You’re doing drugs while you were cheating on your wife with your mistress, who you then forced to do things to. What about with me? You said I made you the happiest going through your divorce, but you still abused me. So when’s the accountability going to happen? When is people going to wake up and start realizing what I’ve been telling you, what these women are telling you? Instead of attacking us, how about you start seeing the fucking pattern? Oh my God. All these different women, we have no affiliation with each other. Well, maybe two of them because of the porn industry. I was never a wrestler. I don’t know who fucking Ivy Malibu is. We all live in different fucking states, which is even crazier. But the one thing we have in common, the one thing is Matthew Riddle. The one thing. But yet he calls us crazy. He says we’re liars. But we all have basically the similar same fucking story just played out in different narratives. Think about it. People wake up.”