Adult actress addresses Matt Riddle situation and brings up alleged drug use

As previously noted, Matt Riddle was allegedly written off WWE television due to a failed drug test and that’s why an injury angle took place during the December 5th 2022 edition of WWE RAW.

Adult actress Jordan Maxx tweeted about the situation in response to a user’s joke about Riddle being with another adult actress known as Misha Monanta…

“Does it make you feel better about yourself to kick people when they’re down? Try to imagine for one second, the man you’ve spent the last 6 months with, who said ‘I love you’ for the first time 2 months ago, is all of a sudden making out with someone else WHO IS IN YOUR INDUSTRY, and then, rather than keeping plans for Christmas and NYE, he’s going to rehab? Do you have any idea how confusing and hurtful that is?”

Twitter user @IAmRockReigns replied with, “Wait.. you would rather have him be with you at Christmas than to let him get the help he needs? He dodged a bullet with you, that’s for sure.”

Here was Maxx’s response to the user…

“Can you even read? That’s not what I’m saying at all. He told me that he quit drugs, and then to find out he’s a) with another girl b) doing those drugs with her and c) failing drug tests so he has to go to rehab for it is disappointing.”