News regarding Matt Riddle following his return to WWE RAW and Smackdown

As seen during the April 3rd 2023 edition of WWE RAW, Matt Riddle made his return to television after a four-month absence. In regards to Riddle’s schedule moving forward, noted that Riddle “is pretty much on every RAW, Smackdown and live event going forward now that he has returned to action.” Riddle is still officially a member of the RAW roster.

In other news regarding Riddle, his ex-girlfriend Daniella Petrow tweeted a photo on Sunday along with the following caption…

“😆😆😆 sober living,..,,.BROoo come on fresh out of rehab hangin w same ppl I’ve seen even partied with Being w you 🤦🏼‍♀️ @SuperKingofBros @WWE @mishamontan”

“@danawhite you knew this croc of shit from the beginning 💯💯💯”

When a fan messaged Petrow about leaving Riddle along, she responded with the following…

“Listen love whomever you are,I don’t want the Rkelly of @WWE aka @SuperKingofBros to love me 😆😆😆I’m dying rn for that joke.,I want that abusive man to own what he had done to me,Samantha,Ivy,Jordan& others., when I feel vindicated & justice in my own way . . . Then I’ll stop”