Matt Hardy says “there’s no outright chaos and dissension backstage” in AEW

During his recent podcast, Matt Hardy was asked if there is any dissension in the AEW locker room over CM Punk. Here was Hardy’s response…

“I don’t know. I really couldn’t speak on any of that. I mean, I can speak from my experiences. AEW has been great and everything I’ve done has been good. There’s no outright chaos and dissension backstage. Whatever kind of conversations that happen between Punk and the people in the office, I mean, I’m not privy to that right now, but he came last week and he was there to do business, obviously.”

“It’s real life. It’s human beings interacting with each other and they’re gonna have differences of opinion. They’re gonna get upset with one another. Even going back to what I said about how Jeff resented Punk whenever he made those comments, I mean, things happen. People are human beings and they have emotions and they feel, so yeah, but I mean at the end of the day, people love the fu**ing drama from behind the scenes and backstage. So a lot of times, especially to the diehard fans, that’s almost more interesting to them than the actual kick ass product they get to see right in front of their face that we’re doing for them.” (quotes courtesy of