Corey Graves addresses the finish of the WWE RAW women’s tag team title tournament

During his After The Bell podcast, WWE RAW announcer Corey Graves commented on the finish of the Aliyah and Raquel vs. Io Sky and Dakota Kai match to crown new women’s tag team champions…

“Full disclosure for everybody listening. We are recording this Tuesday morning because I have to travel to Wales. I will be in the the time this drops, so forgive me if there’s been new developments or new information that’s come out in the wake of the controversy surrounding the WWE Women’s tag team titles. But Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez shocked everybody. The response from the live crowd was almost odd because people had their jaws on the floor. Nobody knew it was coming, nobody expected it, and this is really, really wild.”

“But in the immediate wake Monday night, I got back home and I’m scrolling through Twitter, and it’s still going on today this morning, everybody’s talking about the controversy at the end of that matchup. I started to say something on the air, because like you guys at home who are watching on television, I watch a monitor in front of me. We do this so we can best describe what the fans at home are seeing rather than what we can see in the arena, even though we have the best seats in the house five feet from the ring. I saw the same things you guys did. I was as confused as anybody in the arena or watching at home when Aliyah scored that final pinfall. What got me was the camera cut to Dakota Kai, who appeared to be saying, and I’m not a master lip reader but I’m pretty good at it, said, ‘I wasn’t legal.’ She was adamant, Dakota was, that she was not legal, in which case, the match should continue. The match should not end. The illegal competitor was pinned. That does not end the match under normal circumstances. I don’t know, however, because I was watching just like everybody at home, all of the action. There were bodies flying everywhere. There were moves happening. There were tags in and out and competitors getting in the ring and thrown out. There was pure chaos. So it’s easy to believe that something got lost in the shuffle. Dakota said she wasn’t legal. I almost called it out on Raw. I started to say it and then I went, you know what? I’m not sure. I’m not 100% certain that what I saw was accurate, so I’d rather not say anything, and I don’t want to spoil the moment for Raquel and Aliyah who just had the biggest victory of their careers. So I understand why a lot of people are confused. Again, this is Tuesday morning. There’s not a lot of clarity regarding the actual outcome other than we do know that officially, Raquel and Aliyah are the Women’s Tag Team Champions.” (quotes courtesy of