Marty Jannetty responds to claims that he is a “murderer” following Dark Side of the Ring episode premiere

In 2020, former WWE star Marty Jannetty made headlines when he claimed to have made a man “disappear” when he was 13 years old but later said that his “murder confession” was the start of a storyline.

Jannetty’s story was recapped in 2023 on Dark Side of the Ring‘s season four finale and after the episode premiere, Janetty wrote the following messages on his Facebook page…

“I want y’all to know, I LOVES yall..a lot of my friends are always saying to me, ‘why you so in loves with yo fans, they already bought a ticket’ but to me, youre not fans, youre my asking you my people, what did you think about the show?(DSOTR) I’ve gotten 3 TV reality show offers and 1 movie already but, in order for it to be a reality, need to know what YOU, my extended family thought..the good AND the bad…loves ya”

“ok, I just need to the f*ck can you call me a murderer if I was 13 and the dude was trying to rape me??? and even then it wasnt intentional, its called getting this ninja off of me.”