Corey Graves makes a “bold prediction” regarding a potential future WWE main event star

During his After The Bell podcast, Corey Graves said the following about Imperium’s Ludwig Kasier…

“Ludwig Kaiser has been a piece of the Imperium machine. He has been the perfect set dressing on the main event that is GUNTHER. But after seeing what I saw on Monday, I’m gonna make a bold prediction right here, right now: Ludwig Kaiser, sooner rather than later, should be a main event player in WWE. I’m not expecting it to happen overnight. I’m not expecting him to be the one to knock off GUNTHER or anything of the sort, but he was so captivating, entertaining, eloquent, and all these other adjectives. But watching him interact with Maxxine, Ludwig Kaiser felt like a full-blown movie villain.”

“I expect big things out of Ludwig Kaiser in the not-too-distant future because, man, that dude can do it all. I do expect fun, entertaining segments from him now. I don’t think that’s out of the realm of possibility now to say, ‘Yeah, I expect that from him all the time,’ and then awesome in-ring matches. Because Kaiser is European wrestling royalty. Second-generation. Kaiser is as good as we say he is from bell to bell. From a technical skills aspect, he might be top 10 in WWE.” (quotes courtesy of