Maria Kanellis-Bennett on goals for her wrestling promotion

During this week’s “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast, Maria Kanellis talked about BrandArmy and promoting her Women’s Wrestling Army shows.


“So, Bobby Cruise and myself, we worked with the Ring of Honor women’s division all last year. We really enjoyed ourselves. We had such a talented group of women,” she began.


“When they started to tell us that Ring of Honor wasn’t going to be moving forward, and that we didn’t know exactly what was going to happen next, a lot of the girls asked us to start a promotion. At first I was like ‘No, I don’t want to be a promoter. I just don’t want that.’ I like just being able to go to a building, have everything already set up, and just help the women perform at the highest level they can. All the other stuff, I’m not really that interested in,” Kanellis continued.


“But because so many girls asked us to do it, we started to look at different ways in order to start the show. The biggest thing to me was the profit sharing aspect of it through BrandArmy. What we’re doing is we’re setting aside a percentage to give back to the girls. That’s really important to me.”


“I’m not out there bumping. I’m not out there with the possibility of getting injured. So for me, if I can profit share with the girls and make it more worthwhile, that’ll be great. Now, are we going to get there in a month? No, probably not. Maybe six months. But that’s the goal. The goal is to be able to make everybody a little bit of extra money.”


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