Longtime Vince McMahon supporter explains why him returning would be “a scorched Earth scenario”

As previously noted, Vince McMahon has reportedly told people that he intends to make a WWE comeback. An anonymous “longtime supporter” of McMahon gave a statement to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com regarding the situation…

“What if (he) decided to upend the entire Board (he has 80 percent voting stock) and is still the largest owner of common stock?. The class action shareholder lawsuits would cripple the entire company. The networks would balk. FOX had to get rid of Roger Ailes. I don’t think they will be favorable to his return. NBCU is a prisoner of he deal and even they spoke up about his TV appearances when he was in the headlines and still appearing on TV. The shareholder revolt would endanger the entire organization. This was a terrible shot today to the `moving forward’ `business as usual’ claim that was implemented by Stephanie, Levesque [Triple H] (and) Nick Khan. Now the conspiracy theories will be all about (Vince) coming back. If he comes back, it’s a scorched Earth scenario. Unless he figure a lesser role (and how can he of all people take a lesser role?), but the leak from his side is that he was given bad advice, so now he’s blaming people.”

“He stands to make so much money in a stock sale if he lets these TV negotiations go smoothly. Now the networks have to ask, `What’s going on with Vince?’”