Logan Paul says fans will be “forced” to respect him after WWE Crown Jewel

During an interview with Verge Magazine, Logan Paul talked about his upcoming match against Roman Reigns at the 2022 WWE Crown Jewel PLE…

“If the WWE fans don’t already respect me, after Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 5th, you will be forced to respect me. You might not like me. I might not be your favorite wrestler, but you will have to respect what I can do in that ring, and that’s my goal. I could give two ***** who likes me or not, but you will always acknowledge that when I get in that ring, you are going to be entertained. That’s my goal.”

“It’s been an evolution of how people identify me when they see me in the streets, right? At first it was ‘The Vine Guy’, and then it became “I’ve seen your videos Guy”. Then it became ‘The YouTube Guy’. Then it became ‘Yo, Paul Something, right?’ Then Logan Paul ‘WWE Superstar’. After all these years, I feel like that title is the one with the most validity. Not that I need to be validated, but also it’s awesome that I’m validated with a title like that because immediately you get respect and at the end of the day, everyone just wants to be respected. I think it’s really hard to not respect someone who’s willing to get in that ring and sacrifice their body for the entertainment of millions of people. It’s incredible.”