LA Knight was initially called up to the WWE main roster as a manager because of his age

During an interview with The Daily Mail, LA Knight commented on why he was called up to the WWE main roster in a manager role as Max Dupri…

“I come up for a dark match, I get the attention of the right people; ‘hey, who is this guy?’ but then the age thing comes up – [whispers] ‘oh no, he’s 40, danger’. But I’m not the average 40-year-old. I haven’t gone through the ringer. I haven’t had a bunch of surgeries or injuries, knock on that wood. I’ve lived a good, youthful life in a certain sense and I’ve taken care of myself in a way I would say most don’t.”

“And also, I look a certain way where obviously I’ve got somebody’s attention. But that number came up and it was like ‘well ok, maybe we make him a manager.’ So some things happened there. It was not my cup of tea and definitely I don’t think it was for me. But somehow, there I was. Some things happened that we don’t need to go into and then eventually LA Knight was back.”