Erick Rowan comments on who is to blame for the creative “failure” at the end of his WWE run

During an appearance on the Heated Shenanigans Podcast, former WWE star Erick Rowan reflected on the mystery cage/spider storyline at the end of his run with the company in 2020…

“If something doesn’t work, I blame myself, I don’t blame creative. I do whatever they ask me to, to the best of my ability. If they say talk, I’ll go out there and talk. if they say don’t say a word, I go out there and don’t say a word. I try to do things to make myself interesting with whatever parameters they give you.”

“I was upset because I was just coming off a run where I was able to open my mouth, speak, actually have some character. They kind of just swept it all underneath my feet … So, in my head that not working was a failure to me. In my head that was a failure. But then I started with the acting stuff and now I’m wrestling a lot more and I think people get too hard on themselves.” (quotes courtesy of