Kurt Angle comments on 2020 Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson

In an interview on APP.com, Kurt Angle commented on 2020 Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson…

“I was thinking WWE, Vince McMahon is drooling right now. I think that this kid, I think he’s going to continue to wrestle amateur for another four years, probably win another gold medal. Then I think eventually end up in the pro wrestling business or UFC or Bellator MMA. So, the kid has an incredible future.”

Angle also talked about competing in the Olympics…

“The physical part is hard enough. The mental part, emotional part, is the hardest part about it. You have continued stress throughout your life, every day of your life, knowing that you have to train your butt off eight to 10 hours a day and you’re shooting for one event, the Olympics, and you’re only going to get one shot most of the time. It’s going to be in a two-day period and you have to be on on those two days. That’s a lot of mental stress and anguish, and I think a lot of athletes are finding out their mental stability is starting to unravel, and it’s very difficult.”

Steveson recently expressed interest in having a career with WWE.

Gable Steveson won the gold medal at the Olympics. Kurt Angle thinks WWE is ‘drooling’

What was wrestling legend Kurt Angle thinking when he witnessed U.S. freestyle heavyweight Gable Steveson’s stunning victory at the Tokyo Olympics Friday morning? “I was thinking WWE,” said Angle, an Olympic gold medalist and World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer. “Vince McMahon (WWE chairman and CEO) is drooling right now.”