Kevin Owens comments on trying to have logic in his WWE storylines

During an interview with WrestleRant Radio, Kevin Owens commented on trying to have logic in his WWE storylines…

“I’m a big fan of logic. I’ve always tried to be logical during my time in WWE, maybe more logical than most people may want or choose to be. I do have quite the memory for things that happen in wrestling, I always had that kind of memory, and it’s not just for me, either. Any chance I have to use that logic, it’s always nice and I’m happy to do it. On WWE television sometimes, how can I put this… it’s not always the most logical. So, when somebody tries to use common sense, it’s almost jarring. But I’ll be that guy if I need to be.”

“Yeah, I can’t say that it’s always been like that. I think the changes in direction also came with a change in mentality and everybody’s got different ways of thinking about what we do. It used to be like ‘Oh, this is in the past, people won’t remember.’ But man, I’ve been a wrestling fan my whole life and when I’d watch it, I’d remember. I’ll give you an example that I’ll never get [over]. Like the GD or GTV but we never found out who was behind it, probably Gold Dust, never got confirmation. It drove me crazy as a fan. It drove me nuts. It came and went like it never happened, you know what I mean. I don’t think that’s how things would go today but at the time, you know, people think differently about what we do. I think wrestling fans have tremendous memories for what they watch and what they see and I think it’s great to acknowledge that and give people the credit they deserve when they’re watching something.” (quotes courtesy of Skylar Russell)