Kenny Omega provides update on AEW console video game

During an interview with’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Kenny Omega gave an update on AEW’s upcoming console video game

“We’re working on our next presentation. We’re working non-stop, around the clock, on this game. There are a lot of deadlines we’re trying to reach. We don’t ever want to keep anyone in the dark completely and it’s been quite some time since we’ve had an actual update, not just information, but we want to be able to show people something. I would expect, hopefully, to have something prepared for people, to show, very soon. I don’t want to promise at the pay-per-view or the pay-per-view week, but we were hoping to possibly show a little more of where we’re at and progression and reveal possibly a new character or character. It is coming along. For me, there is a large emphasis on the wrestling aspect of the game. We want the wrestling too, and it’s tough to get it down, but we want it to feel like how a match would flow, but within a video game. The matches, in general, will go a little quicker but we want them to feel like the user is able to assume the role of their favorite AEW superstar and or, whoever they create in create a wrestler mode, and when they mix it up in the ring in whatever match type they choose, that they’re having a fun time and they feel like they are in control of their person and that the moves have impact and is fun, but if you want to be competitive about it, there is that there too. We’ll never be able to compete with the production values of WWE’s game. 2K22 is absolutely gorgeous, I’m excited to see all their bells and whistles when it finally releases. For us, rather than pushing the envelope drastically or anything like that, we just want the wrestling to feel how it used to feel for the people who would play wrestling games back in the day and just have fun with fellow wrestling fans or people who want to have fun with their buddies. Maybe they don’t know who Luchasaurus is or don’t know who Chris Jericho is, but they’ll be able to pick a character and go, ‘this guy is fun to play as.’ That’s the feeling that I want, as a creative designer, to bring back to video games.”

“We have a lot of match types, game modes, there is going to be cross-platform and an online component where you can create your own lobby and things like that and have fun with friends, the ability to defend belts. Plenty of ways to interact with people in different ways to build a community and interact with people and have fun. In this wrestling universe, it’s not just about the wrestling itself, it’s always about bringing people together as best you can, which is not the main focus, but I would like to see that happen and it’s one of my focuses. I would like to see that happen, for this game to be a chance for wrestling fans and people who enjoy the game to have as many outlets as they can to bring their friends together and have fun, offline or online.” (quotes courtesy of