Big E did not expect to be reunited with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods on Smackdown

During an interview with, Big E talked about being reunited with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods as a result of his move to Smackdown from WWE RAW…

“My focus has been on controlling what I can. We’ve had several interviews and I’m sure I’ve already talked your ears off about meditation and how much that has helped me. But, that’s my job. I focus on being the performer and do the very best with what I’m given, that’s my focus. But, I don’t want any of that to be perceived as me taking away from being with Kofi and Woods. That’s my greatest delight. For me, it was a transition I will say I did not expect at this time in my career. I had hoped to climb back and try once again to win back the WWE championship. But, we have a pretty big champion [Roman Reigns] and pretty big title on SmackDown as well so, you never know.”

Big E ‘did not expect’ to be moved New Day tag team after WWE title run

When Big E finally became WWE champion, large sections of WWE rejoiced at seeing a massive talent finally arrive at the top of the card. While the New Day man excelled in boosting his own worth and the titles in the mainstream, in the ring, WWE booked him to have a fairly nondescript run until Brock Lesnar took the belt from him at Day 1 in a fatal-five-way match.