Kenny Omega comments on where things stand between himself and CM Punk following AEW “Brawl Out” incident

During his Twitch live stream, a chat user asked Kenny Omega about where things stand between himself and CM Punk following the 2022 backstage incident after AEW All Out aka “Brawl Out.” Here is what Omega had to say…

“Status with (CM) Punk right now? Um, I don’t know. It’s just mutual respect. We reached out to each other… I can’t really think of anyone that I dislike or have an issue with, especially an issue with wrestling… It’s not like, hey, we’re good now. It’s we were never bad. Honestly, if it weren’t for a complete other factor, we would have been able to have that talk on the night of Brawl Out. There’s no issue between him and I, as far I know (Omega laughed). I don’t think there is at all.

That’s another thing too guys. I don’t wanna seem standoffish or secretive about what happened. Yes, there’s legalities and all that stuff but even if there wasn’t, and I know this is gonna sound weird because I’ve done a lot of comedy stuff in wrestling, but like, I’m actually not a huge fan of pulling back the curtain on stuff that doesn’t need to be out in public… If for whatever reasons, guys were to fight or whatever, it’s not for the public to know. That’s just for them to air out their stuff to get it out of their system. That’s all I mean.” (quote courtesy of