Kenny Omega breaks his silence about The Elite’s backstage altercation with CM Punk

During an appearance on Renee Paquette’s podcast, Kenny Omega addressed The Elite’s backstage altercation with CM Punk from September of 2022…

“Here’s the way that I look at it. Like I’m involved in competitive sports, contact sports, at the highest level. Some people on our roster have, some people on our roster have not, but I feel like if you have, you’ve probably been in a spat or two with a teammate. And maybe sometimes a time or two, it might come to blows, you know, it happens. So, coming from that sort of background, there was a point to it all when I felt like, oh, this just happens, we’re gonna get over it. Let’s just calm down and talk it over. No, nothing is [wrong], we’re all doing okay. Here. You know this is we’re getting it out of our system, no problem. but let’s maybe stop, you know, and we just don’t live in that world anymore. There are things especially now when you’re in a multi-million billion dollar industry where there are sponsorships on the line, TV deal is on the line. It’s not like high school football. It’s not, you know, a little tiff that you might have with someone on your fellow, amateur wrestling team or whatever, or maybe someone held a submission too long in jiu-jitsu training. It’s not that – these things shouldn’t even be happening.”

“It’s a shame that the general public and a lot of people aren’t ever going to know what went down, and how it could have been prevented or how it could have, you know, ended differently. That’s just sort of how things go again when it’s a big business operation. I don’t think anyone is happy that it happened, or is proud that it happened, or anything like that. I think across the board, everyone thinks that was a terrible situation that was unnecessary.”

“There was a while when, and I can understand the confusion. It’s sort of like, hey, we know this thing happened. We heard this thing happened. It’s all over the dirt sheets. Why don’t we know what happened? And it’s like, we’re gone, and we’re kind of sworn to secrecy. We can’t say anything, legally. So that was the poopy part where I was like, Well, why doesn’t anyone tell us what’s happening? And then you’re forced to form your own opinion or to come up with your own theory as to what exactly happened.” (quotes courtesy of