John Cena on Austin Theory: “I think he’s working more toward connecting with the audience”

During an appearance on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, John Cena commented on receiving mixed crowd reactions during his career…

“I never cared about the noise. My biggest fear was apathy. That non-focused silence. There’s the sound of focused silence, but that non-focused silence is when you’re dead in the water.”

“It was really one of my main points the last time we spoke when I was speaking about Austin Theory. Nothing I said about Austin Theory I wouldn’t say to his face. We still talk on a regular basis and I still try and bestow on him advice. I think he’s working more toward connecting with the audience. But I could hear the silence of apathy when he would perform. And I know it is because I had it plenty. I single-handedly ruined the Ruthless Aggression era by completely failing, by being the Ruthless Aggression guy and completely failing. So I know what apathetic silence sounds like and that was my one fear.” (quotes courtesy of