John Cena comments on his in-ring future following appearance at WWE Wrestlemania 40

While appearing on The Pat McAfee Show, John Cena commented on his in-ring future following a surprise appearance at WWE Wrestlemania 40

“I’ve speculated a lot about when it is that I hang up the Jorts. It wasn’t last night and I still have a little bit of rubber left on the tires,” he said. “When that time is done, that means it’s gone. I’m actively trying to craft that path right now. I put a line in the sand for myself at 50. I honestly think it’s going to be before that. I’ll be 47 in a few weeks. Many are calling this the greatest WrestleMania ever. I agree, what a spectacle. That’s because of the talent that actually put the time in. I showed up for 90 seconds. This is the greatest WrestleMania with or without my involvement. That’s because of the now, the superstars we have now and their contributions to the business. It is going to be time for me to go. I’m embracing that, enjoying it, and it allows me to be present.”

“[Hollywood commitments] will take me through just about Christmas. I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and heart so that maybe, just maybe, I can tell the Hollywood world to pump the brakes for a while and come back to my family for one last run. I hope, I don’t know. I hope, I’m trying, we’ll see what happens.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)