Jinder Mahal addresses AEW President Tony Khan taking a public shot at him

In January of 2024, AEW President Tony Khan addressed Jinder Mahal getting a world title match on WWE RAW and brought up how Mahal hasn’t won a televised match in a year. Former WCW President Eric Bischoff and former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman were among those that publicly responded to Khan.

During an appearance on The Gorilla Position podcast, Mahal commented on what Khan said…

“I think Tony Khan is forgetting I’m the Modern Day Maharaja, former WWE Champion, and being a former WWE Champion, I should be number one contender anytime I want. The Royal Rumble happened a week after that. If you notice, I wasn’t in it because I didn’t feel there was a need. The Modern Day Maharaja wants a title match, he can just get one. It’s okay. Overall, it’s great. It caused a lot of buzz, and I appreciate the competition because it makes everybody better.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)