AEW President Tony Khan addresses Jinder Mahal getting a world title match on WWE RAW

This coming Monday night on WWE RAW, Jinder Mahal is scheduled to challenge world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins. On Twitter/X, former owner Raj Giri noted how they have history as Rollins defeated Mahal to become the first NXT Champion. The official @USANetwork account responded to Giri by asking what the bout’s Cagematch rating was. Cagematch is a database website that AEW President Tony Khan has cited in the past.

Khan addressed @USANetwork’s comment with the following messages…

“A double standard: Hook 28-1 career record, on winning streak calls out the Champ, a logical challenge sparks online outrage. Jinder has literally lost every single match he’s in for the past year, immediately gets title shot, where is the rage[?].”

“A moral victory for USA is one win more than their World Title challenger Jinder Mahal has in the past 364 days… because it’s been literally a full year since he won a match. You really put AEW in our place getting Jinder Mahal in a big match on your tv show. Do it more often.”