Jim Ross speaks his mind about WWE’s controversial “Katie Vick” angle from 2002

During his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross discussed WWE’s controversial “Katie Vick” angle from 2002. In the storyline, Triple H claimed that Kane had killed his ex-girlfriend Katie Vick. That led to a segment where Triple H wore a Kane mask and simulated having sex with a Katie Vick mannequin in a casket.

Here is what Jim Ross had to say about the angle…

“So I never understood the logic behind it. It failed miserably. It was in poor taste. I don’t want to put programming on television, where a dad who’s getting a pass to watch wrestling on Monday night has to explain to his kid What necrophilia [is]. What are the sex components of this alleged storyline? Well, that’s not what you want to explain to a child, you want to make them a fan.”

“And if you want heat on Triple H, then shoot an angle with the babyface, not a mannequin. So I don’t know. I never saw any value in it. I think it was embarrassing to wrestling. And that’s a big statement. But you can say blank is an embarrassment to pro-wrestling. So and I believe that to be true, then I believe to be true now.”

“I was so shocked. And I knew the subject matter was going to be very, very delicate, to say the very least. But I didn’t know all the specifics, and all the machinations of how they’re going to produce that segment. It was just horrible, just horrible. And I felt so bad for the audience. And you know, you can almost theoretically [hear] your TV’s clicking, channels changing.”

“You know, again, if you’ve got to sit and explain a political, a religious or a sexual angle to your audience, you’re on the wrong road. And they covet these kids for all the right reasons, primarily to create more cash. And it’s just amazing, I get at a loss for words just thinking about [it]. Again, I’m just trying to figure out why we did it. You really believe it’s going to work? I wonder whose idea that was in a writing room. […] There’s no redeeming qualities to this piece of sh*t.” (quotes courtesy of TJRWrestling.net)