Jim Ross says AEW Collision has a “good atmosphere” backstage and it’s “a lot calmer” than Dynamite

During his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross discussed the backstage atmosphere at AEW Collision…

“The atmosphere at Collision, in my opinion, is entirely different than the mindset and the atmosphere at Dynamite. There’s less people, less crew, less talents, so it’s a lot calmer; I think the talents have more time to work their matches out. It’s just a different atmosphere, is what I’m trying to say, and it’s a good atmosphere. Always fun, good seeing the talents. We got a good crew going.”

“I think Punk and Tony Khan pretty much put that roster together and I like it. That’s good talents. They’re motivated. They like the ownership of that show and the fact that they can make a difference and I think that’s cool. All good, man. It’s all good. I’m looking to it. I enjoy being around the talent.” (quotes courtesy of HausOfWrestling.com)

Willow Nightingale has also praised the backstage atmosphere at Collision as she described it as being “relaxed” and “chilled.”