Jim Cornette addresses claims that him and CM Punk have become “right-wingers”

Stephen P. New, the lawyer for CM Punk and Ace Steel, recently spoke about representing them during the House of Kayfabe podcast. Via an Instagram story, Punk shared artwork of them along with Jim Cornette (who also is represented by New) with “Hang it in the Louvre” as the caption. This led to fans on social media claiming that Punk and Cornette have become “right-wingers.”

During his podcast, Cornette addressed the claims…

“Again, people lost their minds, apparently what little they have… They have somehow, to figure out a way to dislike all of us at the same time… The idea of Jim Cornette and CM Punk sharing some idea or concept or mutual friend of f***** viewpoint, inflamed people to where they completely lost track of their f***** senses and showhow equated that to both of us somehow becoming right-wingers… It’s insane, now that Punk has gone back to the WWE, has he abandoned his principles? What? What the f***?”

“Calling me a right-winger? They’ve gone too far, Brian [Cornette’s co-host]. Especially in support of those they allegedly supporting. They’re buckaroos fans, AEW fans, fans of people we blister. We say bad things about their favorite wrestlers, and they’re the ones, that are either fanatical in some right-winged way… The Khans gave money to [Donald] Trump, so did [Chris] Jericho. And his wife went to the insurrection and bragged about it on Facebook. But Punk and I are somehow in this f***** ilk?” (quote courtesy of RingsideNews.com)