CM Punk and Ace Steel’s lawyer comments on representing them in legal issues with AEW and The Elite

Stephen P. New, the lawyer for CM Punk and Ace Steel, spoke about representing them during the House of Kayfabe podcast. New commented on how much time had passed until he started working for Punk and Steel following their backstage altercation with The Elite in 2022…

“About two months. Representing someone else, who shall remain unnamed. That started the day after Brawl Out. A couple of months later, CM Punk got my phone number, texted me, and was just able, from that point forward…Punk had a legal team already. Ace Steel, not so much. We talked about different things. I’m greatly limited what I can say, just like Ace was on another podcast. What I would like to say, from all of that, those two are two of the most stand up, greatest guys that I’ve ever known, particularly around the pro wrestling industry, which can get a little carny at times. Both of those guys are straight shooters. Both of those guys are honest to a fault. Both of those guys are loyal, fiercely loyal, to one another and the people within their camp. It became readily apparent that we were going to be good friends and that I could provide an outsiders perspective on what they had to deal with and some legal expertise as someone who has had this connection to the pro wrestling business, both as a fan, I understand this stuff. I know who the personalities are and from representing other folks, I had some information that hadn’t been previously known, let’s say.”

“I’m real limited with that I can talk about. I think Ace said it best, my job in the months that followed Brawl Out, through the returns, was to look out for their best interests. I’ll always do that. I really can’t say a whole lot else. I really wish, for the people that watch this show, I’m not going to breach any privileges to my clients. I take that very seriously. They are subject, I’m subject, to NDAs, confidentiality agreements, things like that. None of the particulars I can get into. What I can tell you is that CM Punk and Ace Steel are the most stand up guys that I’ve ever dealt with in this business.” (quotes courtesy of