Jerry Lawler pulled from upcoming event due to “continued health issues”

As previously noted, Jerry “The King” Lawler was hospitalized after having a “serious medical episode” in February of 2023 which was later revealed to have been a stroke. Lawler was part of the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony but had to record a pre-taped video message from his home.

Martin Damato, promoter of the TMart Promotions’ ‘The Gathering’ event, issued the following statement via Facebook…

“The Gathering Update

Unfortunately this Update is not good news.

After waiting and waiting and holding out hope I was informed today that due to continued health issues Jerry the King Lawler has to cancel.

Jerry was someone we really wanted to be at the event. We had tried last year but he was already booked to be somewhere else in 2022. I had made it a point to get Jerry Booked very early this year and it was before he got sick. We are very sorry for those that wanted to meet the King. We know he was a major want for alot of people.
We have to understand that Jerry health comes first and unfortunately he has to pull out and is just unable to travel and do these types of things right now.

All of us wish the King a speedy recovery and that eventually he will make his return to what he loves doing.
Anyone that ordered Autograph or Photo Op tickets for the King you can get a full refund or use it for other items you may want.

I’ll be reaching out to you all over the next few days .

Im very sorry.”