Hall of Fame

Highlights from the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

Here are the highlights from the 2023 Hall of Fame ceremony which aired on Friday, March 31st on Peacock following Wrestlemania Smackdown in Los Angeles, CA…

* Like in 2022, there was a 15-minute kickoff period to transition from Smackdown to the HOF ceremony. Kurt Angle was one of the wrestlers interviewed in the backstage area. It wasn’t shown on camera but Andrade El Idolo was in attendance with his wife Charlotte Flair.

* Corey Graves and Kayla Braxton hosted the ceremony.


* Stacy Keibler was inducted by Mick Foley and Torrie Wilson. Fans chanted for Foley but he said it was about Stacy, not him. Foley revealed that Stacy called him and asked if he would induct her along with Torrie. Foley praised Stacy and the other women of her era.

* Torrie talked about her history with Stacy dating back to WCW. Torrie called Stacy “bold and fearless.” Torrie praised Stacy for breaking barriers outside of wrestling and being the best mom she could be. Torrie then introduced Stacy.

* Stacy said it felt good to be home and praised the fans for being the reason she was being inducted. A photo of Stacy as a fan was shown on the big screen as Stacy talked about entering the Nitro Girls contest. Stacy said she never expected it would eventually lead to her being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Stacy thanked several women that helped her career including Madusa, Trish Stratus, Lita, and Torrie. Stacy also thanked Fit Finley, Shane Helms, and the Dudleys for helping her. Stacy praised her family at ringside and thanked the fans again.


* Due to his recent stroke, Jerry Lawler provided a video message from his home and introduced Jimmy Hart to help with the induction. Hart talked about managing Kaufman and the heat they got in Memphis. Hart said Kaufman loved the wrestling business and would do anything for it. Hart then brought out Kaufman’s family members to the ring. Kaufman’s siblings talked about his love for wrestling and how he would have been thrilled to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.


* Ric Flair gave the induction speech for The Great Muta. Flair commented on how he received a phone call from Kevin Dunn and thought he was in trouble but it was actually about the induction. Flair praised the toughness of Japanese wrestlers and said Muta was the greatest Japanese wrestler he was ever in the ring with. Flair put Muta in the same class as his other rivals such as Ricky Steamboat and Shawn Michaels.

* For his speech, Muta said hello but admitted that he couldn’t speak English very well. The crowd applauded Muta as he thanked the fans. Muta spit out mist which got a big pop from the fans and Asuka.


* Ron Simmons and JBL gave the induction speech for White after a video package played. JBL talked about how Tim White was a great friend to everyone. Simmons praised White for being very kind and generous. White’s brothers were brought out to accept the award.


* Konnan did the induction speech for Rey Mysterio. Konnan did his catchphrases and spoke in Spanish a little bit. Konnan talked about how Rey’s size was a hard sell to wrestling promoters during the era of bodybuilder wrestlers. Konnan brought up how he got Rey booked at 18+ bars and had to tell the promoters that Rey was 19 when he was actually 15. Konnan discussed Rey’s journey through ECW/WCW and once again having to sell Rey to Kevin Sullivan. Konnan said that was Rey was lucky to have a tryout match with someone like Dean Malenko and how they got a standing ovation. Konnan praised Rey for being just as good of a human being as a wrestler. Konnan joked that he wanted to be adopted so he could replace Dominik. Konnan introduced Rey and called him the scarecrow because he stands out in the field.

* Dominik and Judgment Day did not stand up while Rey walked to the ring for his induction speech. When Rey started talking, Dominik and Judgment Day left the ring to loud boos from the fans. Rey said he’ll take care of business and then got into his speech.

* Rey talked about getting his start in wrestling at just eight years old and how he didn’t receive any special treatment. Rey said he knew wrestling was tough but still wanted to do it. Rey commented on how he connected with Konnan right away like a brother. Rey discussed his struggles getting booked and meeting his wife Angie. Rey praised Angie for sticking with him through his struggles and brought up how she sent him money so he could pursue his dream.

* Rey mentioned ECW and said there would be no him without Psychosis. Rey discussed his transition to WCW and thanked Malenko for making him look incredible in his first match. Rey talked about reconnecting with Eddie Guerrero in WCW. Rey brought up how his match with Eddie at Halloween Havoc match in 1997 put him on the map.

* Rey said he didn’t know if WWE would ever want someone of his size once WCW closed. A year after WCW was sold, Jim Ross called and asked if Rey was ready to do business. Rey thanked everyone in WWE for believing in him and giving him the opportunity of a lifetime. Rey said without Konnan, “none of this would have been possible.” Rey said he couldn’t name them all but thanked numerous wrestlers from his WCW and WWE runs. Rey concluded by thanking the WWE Universe and making the name Rey Mysterio immortal.