Jeff Jarrett comments on his backstage role with AEW for 2023

During an appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Jeff Jarrett commented on his backstage role with AEW for 2023…

“It’s a work in progress. Before I took the job, I went out and did my own due diligence on the brand, not so much the wrestling bubble, from television it’s very easy to see, but the live event industry, which is one of the hats I’m wearing. We’ll call them house shows, it’s not a four-letter word around here, which I love. The house show business, non-televised live events is the term I use when I’m talking to promoters. That’s at the forefront. That’s a situation where I want to be careful…I’m a big believer in ‘crawl, walk, run.’ If you jump into something…getting into the non-televised events, I want to be real careful that we strategically, and help with the guidance on getting, we call them candidly markets that Dynamite is not going to go.”

“Dynamite is at the top of the top. We’re not Garth Brooks or Taylor Swift, but we are a property that is 52 weeks a year that’s incredible value and incredibly successful. That’s the driver of this brand. To put shows in [smaller] markets, I hate to name markets because it’s either, ‘I didn’t get mentioned’ or they think we’re coming there. That’s at the top of my list, non-televised (events). Moving forward into 2023, I’m super excited how we kind of launched, or relaunched, Universal Studios and it’s going to be a paid crowd and a whole new vibe to it. Universal Studios, non-televised live events, and some international projects that I’m working on. The growth of AEW internationally, not just the UK; India, Australia, South America, all through Asia, I think we’re going to see a growth period just because the pandemic, some parts of the world are still coming out of it, but a lot of growth to be done internationally.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)