Jeff Jarrett addresses his shot at Braun Strowman from AEW Dynamite

As seen during the November 9th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, Jeff Jarrett cut a promo and took a shot at WWE’s Braun Strowman and Triple H while talking about Satnam Singh. During his podcast, Jarrett addressed the promo…

“I love the industry because if you’re not into Twitter or Instagram or if you’re not into social media, that’s the Last Outlaw just kind of taking a dig at a blanket statement of big man in wrestling and red skinny jeans, just an outfit and a circus and all that, and here’s a legitimate, which Satnam is, megastar from India. Have you seen the Netflix ‘One in a Billion?’ It’s really an amazing story. Satnam came to America, 13-14 years old. The documentary goes to the night he got drafted in the NBA. So in my mind, how am I going to put this guy over, but also, you can call it old school heat, get a reaction, be the antagonist, and put this guy over.”

“I had no idea about Braun and his showing up late. I didn’t know any of that reference, but I was aware of him just kind of being, I don’t know if it’s naive, whatever you want to call it. When he takes a shot at flippy floppy stuff and bla bla bla bla bla, it’s almost tone deaf because in 2022, when you look at the landscape of all of professional wrestling, of all of sports entertainment, you want to resonate with your audience and hey, hats off. I think Corey Graves made a great statement that Braun is happy that him and Omos had a great match. But at the same time, he didn’t just put one, he put both feet in his mouth and is knocking flippy flop which I take offense to because this industry, whether it’s the X-division, whether it’s Lucha Libre, whatever it may be, if we don’t have a diversity of genres of wrestling and styles of wrestling, I mean, you’ve talked about AAA. It’s a different appetite. But for him to kind of take that shot at it, I just thought, here’s a perfect opportunity to draw an analogy, and you know, Braun, whether he’s a former softball player or strongman, whatever it is, he’s got some accolades, but he’s certainly not an NBA basketball player, and look, I’m the antagonist, the Last Outlaw. I’m putting my guy over.” (quotes courtesy of