Jake Atlas said his boyfriend was “terrible at sex” in police video footage

As previously noted, former WWE star Jake Atlas was arrested on May 23rd 2022 and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery but those charges ended up being dropped.

TMZ.com was able to police video footage from the incident. While speaking to officers, Atlas spoke negatively in regards to his boyfriend. Here are a few quotes from Atlas…

“I am an international trained superstar. I have worked across the country, across the world… He is a nobody.”

“He’s 6’5 and f*ckin jacked as f*ck. I won’t touch him. I’ve had the best sex of my life ever, that isn’t him.”

“[Atlas’ partner] is white as f*ck so that’s why he doesn’t understand rights. But I’m Mexican and I will do what I need to do to protect myself from you [the police]. I’m not going to let you use your white power against me.”

“He’s a terrible boyfriend and he’s terrible at sex.” (quotes courtesy of Outkick.com)