Hulk Hogan to be Ric Flair’s opponent at Starrcast V in July?

As previously noted, Ric Flair officially confirmed that he will be coming out of retirement for a match on July 31st in Nashville which is the day after Summerslam in the same city. The match will be part of the Starrcast V event.

In an interview with WSI | Wrestling Shoot Interviews, former WWE star B. Brian Blair talked about Flair’s match and brought up Hulk Hogan…

“I’m looking forward to seeing Flair and Hogan…”

“Well, I think if Ric were gonna die anywhere, he’d wanna die in the ring. Terry [Hogan]’s had his fair share of surgeries, way too many and I’m getting ready to call Terry in a couple of minutes. I just wish them the very best. I know the fans are the ones that have been really egging it on that really want to see it. So it’s sparked them. All I can say it will be interesting and I just pray that they both come out in one piece.” (quotes courtesy of

When directly asked if Hogan was Flair’s opponent, Blair hesitated for a moment and then said it was a rumor he heard on the internet.