Former WWE star urges people to “rise up” against abortion and homosexuality

As seen during the May 18th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, CM Punk made his entrance for commentary while wearing an “Abortion Rights Are Human Rights” t-shirt. Punk previously called out opponents of abortion rights as being “elite, rich, white, terrorist religious fascists.”

Former WWE star Chad Lail (Gunner/Jaxson Ryker), who was critical of Punk’s t-shirt, wrote the following posts on his Twitter account in response to a New York Magazine article that compiled a guide to accessing an abortion…

“This is disturbing. This is evil. Disgusting. It’s a living baby insider the womb. Mothers who think this is your only choice it’s not? There are many willing to help. Adoption, money, etc
I will adopt the child. Our Father weeps”

Lail also wrote the following…

“Rise up! Rise up against abortion, against homosexuality, against gender agenda, against that which Goes against the Word. Share love in doing so. We all have faced times in sin where a brother or sister showed us Jesus and his love. Church we must love and speak truth”

The above Tweet ended up being “ratioed” with more quote retweets than likes.