How WWE talent reportedly feel about Vince McMahon appearing backstage at recent televised events

As previously noted, Vince McMahon was spotted backstage at the June 5th 2023 edition of WWE RAW in Hartford, CT along with a lot of other WWE office executives. Dave Meltzer of confirmed reports that Vince was not running the show in place of Triple H but did change around the order of some of the matches and segments.

Meltzer noted the following in regards to how talent feel about Vince at this point…

“At first there was a lot of talent scared and not happy about McMahon’s involvement but the reality is everyone accepts that he’s now the ultimate decider and when the merger [with UFC] takes place, Ari Emanuel [of Endeavor] basically put it in place that it will remain as long as McMahon wants it to because he will be the person in charge of WWE and the final decision maker.” also noted that WWE talent are still “on guard” about the possibility of Vince being backstage. It’s believed that Vince opted to work remotely for the most part because he “realized the chaos that just being backstage caused.”