How WWE is said to feel about Shawn Michaels in NXT 2.0

During a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of commented on Shawn Michaels running NXT 2.0 in Triple H’s absence…

“It’s interesting because it’s basically Shawn Michaels’ thing right now, is this new NXT. When he was brought in, it was never to be this. He was brought in to be a coach, but now he’s pretty much the guy, and they’re very high on him right now as far as his work. When they got rid of everybody that was Levesque’s [Triple H] guys, they didn’t get rid of everyone who was Levesque’s guys but they got rid of a lot of people who were Levesque’s guys. I knew Shawn would always… Shawn’s in a different… they’re not gonna fire Shawn Michaels, at all. That would beyond stun me. Especially right now because they’re very high on him right now.” (quote courtesy of

Meltzer added that there is also talk of NXT house shows starting up again.