How Vince McMahon was reportedly acting backstage prior to Smackdown on 6/17/22

As previously noted, Vince McMahon has temporarily has stepped down as WWE Chairman & CEO. Stephanie McMahon, who will be filling in as the interim Chairman & CEO, issued a message to WWE staff.

Mike Johnson of wrote the following about how McMahon was acting backstage prior to the June 17th 2022 edition of Smackdown…

“Despite the last several days, McMahon was ‘joking around’ during the production meeting before the taping and wasn’t selling anything at all, described to by multiple sources as being in a ‘great mood.'”

It’s believed that nothing was addressed or discussed by McMahon in regard to the allegations. Johnson added that “the pre-show meetings were described by several sources as a ‘weird’, given the obvious elephant in the room, especially since no one in the company knows when more will surface about the situation.”

John Laurinaitis was reportedly not backstage for the event.