How Vince McMahon reportedly reacted backstage to allegations

A previously noted, a new report claims that Vince McMahon agreed to pay $12 million in hush money to four women over a 16-year period.

Fightful Select noted that following the latest news becoming public, the outlet was contacted by multiple WWE staff which included people that had remained quiet in the past about McMahon’s handling of the situation. Fightful reported the following about what was said…

“One told Fightful they wished they’d spoken out sooner, and said that McMahon’s response would often go from ‘no selling the whole thing,’ to ‘being defiant.’ They also said that after Vince McMahon’s ‘pointless’ June 17 appearance, he returned to the Gorilla position and shouted ‘F*ck em!’ seemingly in response to the allegations that caused his insistence to appear on television.”

A talent was also said to have privately expressed “displeasure and extreme frustration” with McMahon’s handling of the situation.