How Triple H was said to have reacted to the WWE NXT releases

As previously noted, WWE has reportedly let go of several Producers, coaches, and writers from the WWE NXT brand including Samoa Joe, “Road Dogg” Jesse James, and William Regal.

During an audio update on, Wade Keller talked about the matter…

“I’ve talked with people who had said Triple H was building his team that he would bring with him to the main roster, and if his day came to run the main roster he wanted his group of people. At some point, it was thought that it would include William Regal and Gabe Sapolsky and Road Dogg and they’re gone.”

“NXT just isn’t what it once was. I’ve heard just a little about Triple H’s reaction to all of this and nothing super reportable other than it sounds like he’s bummed out.” (quotes courtesy of

As of Saturday morning, Triple H has not publicly commented on the releases.