How Shawn Michaels feels about his experience of running the WWE NXT 2.0 brand

During an interview with, Shawn Michaels talked about running the WWE NXT 2.0 brand and his position evolving following the health issues of Triple H

“When Hunter first left, it became all me, and certainly from a television standpoint. Matt Bloom is the head coach and takes care of everything from the PC training standpoint, but when it came to NXT 2.0 television, that’s something myself and my team took over creatively. I know a lot of people thought Vince and Bruce were doing that. I can promise you, they did not have the time to do NXT television. If it’s good or if it’s bad, that’s on me. It’s been a huge joy to run that show and work with these talents. Again, everyone was put in a real tough position, we all were, but that’s where you learn to do things in WWE. That, to me, is a form of talent development, which is understanding that things can always change … around here and you have to adjust to that. The show always goes on. It was trial by fire for a lot of us, but it’s been an absolutely fantastic experience.”

“As everyone knows, I came in just as a coach and then slowly moved into assisting in creative and things of that nature. I was always the second guy right behind Hunter [Triple H]. I obviously never envisioned being the guy who had the final say on the show and what we do and don’t do and the overall vision for what it is we’re going to do and how we move forward.”