How people within WWE are reportedly reacting to Vince McMahon wanting to make a comeback

As previously noted, Vince McMahon has reportedly told people that he intends to make a WWE comeback. Fightful Select heard from over a dozen people within WWE regarding the situation and the consensus was that McMahon should not return to the company.

One WWE talent told the outlet that while they had a positive relationship with McMahon prior to him leaving, the news is “exhausting” and they hope Vince running the company stays in the past. Another person said they would be concerned for the wrestlers that were re-hired if Vince ended up returning to WWE.

A “higher-up” in the company was said to have not been as concerned and brought up how the stock price, viewership, and morale has improved since McMahon left. That person doesn’t believe that McMahon will return despite having voting power within the company and stated the following…

“It would be a really selfish move for Vince to come back under any circumstances. The reason he left, how business has done since then — it’d be really selfish. But selfish activities are what led to him leaving in the first place.”

Meanwhile, an online petition has emerged to stop McMahon from returning to WWE.