How Peacock reportedly feels about international WWE PLEs airing earlier in the day

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed how streaming service Peacock feels about international WWE PLEs airing earlier in the day…

“The thing is, it’s a different pay-per-view concept now. Peacock only cares about the 24-hour viewership. They don’t care about live viewership. So, their feeling is whenever they run it, they can make money. That’s why they have no problem running morning pay-per-views in Australia and Saudi Arabia. They have far less viewers live, but they’ve done it, and they know that fans will watch later, so that’s a completely different ball game.”

“That’s one of the things WWE told me is that they don’t even look at the live number. Peacock is not interested in the live number, they want the first 24 hours, that’s the number they want.” (quotes courtesy of

WWE already has multiple international PLE events scheduled for 2024 including Elimination Chamber in Perth, Australia and Bash in Berlin as well as the two Saudi Arabia shows. There is also a PLE rumored for Paris, France.