Happy Corbin blasts podcast host over comments about Jeff Hardy

Podcast host JDFromNY recently discussed Jeff Hardy’s release from WWE. JDFromNY brought up the idea that Hardy possibly faked being intoxicated and “manipulated the system” as a way to get released from his contract.

Happy Corbin wrote the following on Instagram in regards to JDFromNY…

“Literally one of the dumbest people on the planet!”

JDFromNY addressed the negative feedback he received whiling citing a report from WrestlingNews.co

“All I said was THIS WAS A POSSIBILITY ON THURS AND FRI. You didn’t watch Thursdays video though and I get fucking hung on the cross. Y’all need to go the f**k outside.

Let me do my job and raise questions. You do yours & sit there and have me revolve around your next 7 tweets.”

Here is what Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.co reported…

“Someone who was backstage at the Edinburgh, TX show last Saturday reached out to WrestlingNews.co about Jeff Hardy and we were told by this person that it did not look like Hardy was under the influence before the show.

This person told us, ‘I saw him before that match and there was nothing out of the usual going on with him. Jeff deals with back and knee issues but I don’t think he drank anything or took any pills before that show. As far as I know, he’s been doing great since the DUI arrest from a couple years back. I know people are wondering why he would be allowed to go out there if he was f*cked up but he looked fine before the match.'”