Former WWE wrestler says he is “always talking” to the company about what more he can do

In an interview with the Under The Ring podcast, former WWE wrestler Fred Rosser (Darren Young), who has been working for NJPW, commented on possibly working with WWE again…

“I always said just because moves aren’t being announced doesn’t mean moves aren’t being made. [I’m] always talking to WWE about what more can I do, whether it’s coaching or coming back to ‘NXT’ because it’s almost like nostalgia. It’s been over ten years since I was on ‘NXT.’ Just imagine me coming to ‘NXT’ with the Strong Openweight Champion to defend it. To just come through, I don’t have to stay.”

“Because really my career I was always second, third, fourth. I did my thing as The Nexus as a group. I did my thing as a tag team wrestler. I did my thing with Bob Backlund, ‘Make Darren Young Great Again.’ Now, ‘New Japan Strong.’ All eyes on me. So it’s time for me to get what’s mine and I would love to come through ‘NXT’ to just wrestle some of the talent there. Again, giving back is so important today so we’ll see.” (quotes courtesy of