Former WWE star Summer Rae comments on private messages that she receives from male fans

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, former WWE star Summer Rae commented on private messages that she has received from male fans…

“It’s a lot of selfies, like men don’t know how to take selfies for some reason, it’s like double-chinned selfies. I share selfies in my DMs with women and it’s not even fans, it’s our boyfriends who don’t know how to take selfies.

With the fans, the only ones that worry me are the ones who are like sending me something every day for, like, six years, because that’s a lot of commitment. Even if it’s not threatening or sexual, it’s still like, ‘I’m gonna leave that for the FBI in case they need it some day.’ My DMs are not really that exciting. It’s nobody asking me out on dates, it’s like wrestling fans. It’s like ‘come back to wrestling’ or ‘I’m your biggest fan in India.’” (quotes courtesy of