Former WWE star Ryback opens up about how Covid-19 affected him

During his podcast, former WWE star Ryback revealed that he contracted Covid-19 and talked about his symptoms…

“It was about 10 days. I feel fine. I was able to train today and workout. I feel very good. I can tell it’s probably going to be a couple more days. Today I woke up and I was significantly even better than the day before. It’s been fairly mild, but I did get the cough and shortness of breath. I would say that kicked in on day 5 or 6. What really helped, I found, was peppermint tea. Peppermint tea really helped me with my lungs a lot. I started drinking that two days ago, and the lung part of it is not an issue now. I was able to do some cardio. I got a good workout.”

“I took 10 days off with this just to let my body recover. With the shortness of breath, even though it wasn’t horrible or anything like that, it was noticeable to where if I was going up and down the stairs, I would feel it. I lost my appetite. I was eating, but not as much. I ended up losing 8-10 pounds which will come back on the first week of training and getting my regular meals in.” (quotes courtesy of