Former WWE star Mojo Rawley issues statement regarding WES show being canceled

As previously noted, an announcement was made that the scheduled Wrestling Entertainment Series debut show in Nottingham, England has been canceled.

Former WWE star Dean “Mojo Rawley” Muhtadi issued a statement regarding the situation…

“Unfortunate to see the cancellation of WES. I was very excited to step back in the ring, and HYPED to battle with Damo. I really feel for all the fans who had interest in the talent on this show. To anyone that bought a ticket, I will be doing a FREE meet and greet this Sunday so we can all have a great time regardless and STAY HYPED. For those that didn’t buy a ticket to WES and come to the M&G, 100% of that money will go to pay the UK local talent that were supposed to be on the show as I have learned they have not yet been paid. More info to come on that. Until then, I guess a week long vacation in England with my beautiful fiancée isn’t the worst thing ever!”