Buff Bagwell addresses controversy surrounding him on social media

On Wednesday, former WCW star Buff Bagwell trended on Twitter when word came out that he had someone else tweeting under his account in recent months. In addition to that, there were complaints of fans not receiving Bagwell merchandise that they had purchased.

Bagwell issued a video statement regarding his business relationship with Michael Long coming to an end. Bagwell said that Long “dropped the ball” in regards to the merchandise situation and Bagwell issued an apology to fans. Bagwell also said the following…

“I really hope everybody really listens to this and really looks through their camera into my eyes and can see and really feel my heart of where I’m at with this because this means so much to me, of what’s gone on through the good and the bad stuff, and I just hate that, you know, from the merchandise, to you know, Michael having his problems, to the whole thing… I hate that all of this happened. I will look forward from now on to making this, being a part of this much more, and making sure this kind of stuff will not happen again, and the main thing is, to know that you’re talking to Marcus Alexander Bagwell today, and I want you to know Marcus Alexander Bagwell stands by his name, his word, and he just wants to say that I love you guys and I’m sorry for anything that’s happened to anybody out there that I’ve hurt, and I hope that everybody out there still supports me, still loves me, and just remembers that I’m still Buff Bagwell.” (quote courtesy of WrestlingHeadlines.com)