Former WWE referee shoots on the Undertaker vs. Goldberg match from 2019

In an interview with Alistair McGeorge of, former WWE referee Mike Chioda talked about the match between Undertaker and Bill Goldberg at the 2019 Super Showdown PPV event…

“I almost had to call an audible during the Undertaker/Goldberg match at Saudi Arabia. It went downhill after Goldberg got gashed open in the turnbuckle, got concussed. He was badly concussed and he got through the match, but barely. That’s when I was kinda worried because I thought, ‘oh my God!’”

“After the suplex, they almost broke their necks. ‘Oh my God, let’s get this done.’ I was waiting to hear back from somebody to say, ‘should I call this match or not because he’s not doing good at all?’ Taker tells me something, I’m doing it. I don’t care if the office in the back didn’t like it or not! Taker is one of the bosses, that’s for sure.”

WWE referee Mike Chioda almost ended Undertaker and Goldberg’s disastrous match

The Undertaker and Goldberg’s Super ShowDown match is one of the most memorable WWE clashes in recent memory – albeit for all the wrong reasons. The two legends of the business battled in Saudi Arabia in 2019, and things took a bad turn when Goldberg hit the turnbuckle post hard and ended up ‘concussed’, with the pair struggling through the remainder of nine-minute match.