Former WWE personality says he “will never understand fans reading dirtsheets”

In multiple posts via Twitter/X, former WWE personality Jonathan Coachaman commented on the 20-year anniversary of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s promo segment with Eugene on WWE RAW…

“Segment schedule for 12 minutes. Went over 22. Young talent here is the advice @TheRock always gave me that finally stuck that night “Coach if it’s great there is nothing they can do”. So we went 10 minutes over on live tv and it was GREAT. The live crowd went nuts. We snuck Rock in in a car just like this past January for his return this year. I will never understand fans reading dirtsheets because surprise are the greatest thing in pro wrestling. @wwe”

“I have said this many times. @TheRock did NOT have to do this but he wanted to. And it turned into the best in ring moment of my career… You can’t even imagine how loud the pop was. Thank you San Diego.”