Eric Bischoff feels that AEW promos have “no connection to the character or the audience”

During the Strictly Business podcast, Eric Bischoff commented on promos in wrestling

“I f***ing cannot stand watching 80% of the interviews that I’m forced to sit through if I want to sit and watch the show. AEW is no different. In fact, I’ve seen some horrible, horrible sh** on AEW. So the idea that they have the freedom and the talents involved like that’s somehow gonna guarantee or ensure quality, well, that sh** went out the window a long time ago because I’ve seen promos on AEW that I would never allow on a television show, ever.”

“I haven’t seen a good promo in AEW that creates emotion or advances a story. It’s just words. There’s no connection to the character or the audience, and just a waste of time. So God, please, give me somebody that’s figured out a way to shoot promos that matter or just don’t shoot ones that don’t; I’ll take that.” (quotes courtesy of

Bischoff did admit that there have been good promos in AEW but he feels they are in the minority.